My software development articles

A history of the Java ME applications for the on-device programming. From Mobile Basic to Java compilers.
A large course on learning FFmpeg tool. Includes video lessons on YouTube
In this series of articles I talk about image processing and show algorithms using JavaScript examples
In two articles I tell my story about creating a logic game for Android alone in 15 days
In this article I share my knowledge gained over the years the use of streams and work on the Lightweight-Stream-API library. In addition to the description of Stream API, the article contains a visual demonstration of operators, examples, and tasks for self-examination. Also, new features regarding streams in Java 9+ are described
Java 9 modularity tutorial. Russian version
The basics of working with threads in Java. Creating, interrupting, synchronizing threads, and designing multi-threaded applications
Description of the Retrolambda project, which takes advantage of the power of Java 8 language features in Android projects, and my library Lightweight-Stream-API
This article describes the creation of the VK application, working with VK API, the new Java 8 classes, the convenience of Java 8 Stream API, the decompilation of the client for Android and much more ☺
Debut article on Habr about the Flood-It game automation

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